We focus on the GOOD: A good (great really) cup of coffee and doing good.

Belief Coffee Co. is a specialty coffee company headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana. We work closely with area roasters and farmers from around the world in pursuit of a great cup of coffee.

"I measure coffee by whether or not it needs cream and sugar to taste better and this one does not, it’s good black, which doesn’t happen often enough. If you can drink black, then its a good cup of coffee."

B. Johnston

We value innovation, entrepreneurship and meaningful impact.

Not only does our small-batch, high-quality whole bean coffee fuel our drinkers; but, profit also fuels ambitious ideas, entrepreneurs and people-centered innovation through our granting and support of microloan and impact investing programs serving the under-resourced or undervalued. Coffee is in rooms and meetings, many cannot be in. This is our way of opening doors, seats and  opportunities. 







 Belief Coffee Company LLC is a subsidiary of Studio B Creative Exchange, Inc.