A good cup of coffee can do so much! A minimum of 25% of quarterly profit is returned to the community through grants, microloans to women-led enterprises, in-kind donations, and sponsorships. Most are anonymous or specified to not include public acknowledgement. Why? Providing a good cup of coffee and the nudge of support is our fuel, not public aggrandizement. Additionally profit supports the hiring and continuous development of youth and individual returning to the work force. Check out a few of the entrepreneurs and organizations we are fueling:

FUELING: AwayZones,

As a former business owner and a culturally conscious consumer, LaToya Johnson is all to familiar with the problem of minority business owners not being able to reach consumers and those same consumers not being able to find minority owned businesses. She created AwayZones to make it easier for both sides to connect with one another by using matching technology that is informed by consumer data and business profiles. She holds a Masters Degree in Public Health where she studied the successes and failures of minority communities and has worked with not-for-profit organizations to develop plans for long term sustainability. AwayZones is committed to reducing inequalities and improving economic growth by providing a tool that celebrates culture while supporting group economics. 


FUELING: Nexus Impact Center,

The Nexus Impact Center helps businesses and organizations overcome obstacles to create impact. Nexus provides economical SPACE that meets the needs of boot-strapped start-ups as well as established impact organizations. Nexus is COMMUNITY of like-minded, impact-driven pioneers who use their work for good. Nexus ADVOCATES for social enterprises and the importance of impact being a part of the bottom line. Nexus SUPPORTS organizations and businesses that seek impact by providing programs, referrals, and tools that help you dream, build, grow, and scale your impact-focused endeavor.


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